How does it works ?

Water is produced by extracting moisture from the humidity in the air. Effectively converting water from its gas phase to its liquid phase. The minimum humidity required for Hydronic units to work is 35% RH and Min Temp 15″C. The higher the humidity and temperature better it is.


Air is drawn into the machine and passed through a patented triple-layer nanoscale air filter and purified. The purified air is then cooled to below dew point temp. Condensation occurs and is collected in the water tank. The water is then passed through multiple layers nanoscale filtration system and UV light sterilization with mineralization. (PH value 7.5 to 8.5)


Water purity is maintained by automatic circulation and under intermittent UV light sterilization at timed intervals to ensure the highest quality water is available 24/7.

Full spectrum purification

Air Purification

The air is passed through a multiple-layer patented aerospace technology air filter that removes particulate matter and pollutants from the air.


The produced water is passed through additional multiple layers of nanoscale filtration + UV light sterilization to purify the water to the highest quality.

  • HEPA Cotton filter
  • Activated Carbon
  • PP Cotton

Water Purification

To maintain the water quality, automatic circulation & sterilization occurs at timed intervals to maintain the highest level of water quality.


Each time water is dispensed, it is first passed through the filtration & UV sterilization system to ensure the consistence and purity of the water.

  • RO membrane filter
  • Mineral Filter
  • M-Cell Filter
  • P.A carbon filter
  • UV Sterilization

Intelligent monitoring

Automatic water filter replacement warning

Automatic Tank Level monitoring

Automatic water circulation programming

Automatic Sterilization programming

System Monitoring

Water Quality Certifications

Maintaining the purity of our drinking water is essential to Hydronic water generators, and we achieve this through regular water quality checks. We engage the services of reputable laboratories around the world to perform periodic and random lab tests to ensure we offer the best quality drinking water possible.

The SGS water test is a comprehensive analysis that evaluates 119 parameters of water from all possible angles.

For daily water consumption, we conduct weekly and monthly pH value and TDS tests to ensure our Hydronic water generators consistently provide high-quality drinking water.


Qaulity Manufacturing Process


Water Quality Lab Test


Consumer Electronic Std.


Quality Assurance


Manufacuring Standard.