Why Invest?

Hydronic Living is a startup that aims to tackle water crises globally as a permanent solution for water scarcity.

  • IndustryConsumer Electronics
  • TechnologyAir water generators- Produce drinking water from atmospheric humidity and convert it into high-quality drinking water via intricate conversion and filtration processes.
  • Total Industry Size The Global AWG market size was valued at approximately USD 3.0 billion to $3.5 billion in 2023. In the next 10 years, that number will have increased to double digits, and the market size is expected to reach over $ 9.0 billion by 2030.
  • Growth PhaseThe global AWG market is growing rapidly which presents ample opportunity. Such growth is brought about by increasing population, inadequate infrastructure, rapid urbanization, and climate changes affecting water distribution as a resource.
  • Competitive LandscapeThe competitive landscape for the AWG market is characterized by a mix of established and emerging players’ technological advances and other regional dynamics.

What initially began as a discussion in April 2018 regarding innovative product concepts within the realm of sustainable technology has now evolved into a successful and meaningful startup. With full ownership of our technology and four years of meticulous testing, we’re proud to have turned our vision into a reality, although it hasn’t been without its obstacles.

We welcome individuals who share our values and aspirations to join us in this promising and profitable business venture, as we move confidently forward.
For further inquiries, kindly contact us at “shiraz@glocalisolutions.com”.


Frequently asked questions

What are your hydronic water from air?

We offer a range of innovative products that use advanced technology to extract water vapor from the air, condensing it into clean, usable hydronic water.

How do these products work?

Our products utilize a dehumidification process. Air is drawn in, moisture is extracted and condensed, resulting in fresh hydronic water.

What are the benefits of using your hydronic water appliances?
  • Sustainable water source: Generate water from the air, reducing reliance on traditional sources.
  • Reduces water bills: Supplement your water needs, potentially lowering overall water usage costs.
  • Improved air quality: Dehumidifies the air, creating a more comfortable and potentially healthier environment.
What are the different types of hydronic water products you offer?

We offer a variety of models to suit your needs, ranging from HYDRO-10 for smaller spaces to HYDRO-100 for larger capacity requirements.

How much water can these products produce?

The amount of water produced varies depending on the specific model, humidity levels, and operating conditions. We recommend checking the specifications of each product for details.

Is the water safe to drink?

While the extracted water is hygienically clean, it’s primarily intended for supplemental uses like irrigation, humidification, or other non-potable applications. For drinking, consulting with a water quality professional is recommended.

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