HYDRO-50 Specification

Hydronic water generators are revolutionary plug and play appliances that collect water from surrounding air, purify it, add necessary minerals and provide water instantly at your home and office. The whole process is done with zero contact with anything and anyone. Hence zero contamination!


The hydro-50 water generator will produce up to 30 liters of pure drinking water out of surrounding air every day. Water making capacity depends upon surrounding humidity and temperature in the environment.

  • Power ConsumptionSleep mode- 27 W
    Water making mode- 810W
  • InstallationPlug and Play Device
    Oprational Req - Min 15C and 35%RH
  • Number of glasses/dayApproximately 120 to 140
  • CertifiedPSQCA and SGS lab tested
    CE/CB and ISO 9000 globally
  • Weight and dimension49 kgs
    3 feet X 1.5 feet

5 Appliances in 1

Versatile functionality for effortless convenience


Air Water Generator


Water Purifier


Air Purifier




High Tech Dispenser

Product Features

The Hydro-50 unit is a multi-functional device that combines the benefits of an air purifier and dehumidifier while also producing clean drinking water from the surrounding air. The pH value of the water is between 7.5 and 8 and the total dissolved solids (TDS) are kept low. Before dispensing, the water is purified and disinfected to ensure it is safe for drinking.

  • Counter top unit
  • Home and office use
  • Ambient water only
  • 15 Liters internal storage
  • Upto 30 liters/ day
  • For family of 8-10 people
  • Cold water option

Product Certificates

CB certification is a product certification that shows the product meets specific safety standards, while CE certification is an indication that your product meets the electrical safety standards of the European Union.

  • ISO-certified devices for Quality process standards globally.
  • Hydronic Products are lab-tested for water quality through SGS labs globally.

Product Maintenance

Hydro-10 is a plug-and-play device. Ensure that the power plug is connected directly to a safe power source that can handle the load. Proper positioning of the product is crucial and should only be done by technical personnel.

  • Please clean the air filter every 15 days for a smooth functioning.
  • The storage tank needs a cleaning every 6 months to maintain the quality of water and taste.